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Friendship day Quotes for love

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Friendship day quotes for love

223. Selfless love is more common than true friendship.

224. Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer. ~ Jean de La Fontaine

225. Love is blind; friendship tries not to notice. ~ Otto von Bismarck

226. Love and friendship exclude each other. ~ Jean de la Bruyere

Friendship day quotes for boyfriend

Friendship day quotes for boyfriend

227. Your friendship is more important to me than your love because that’s the eternal bond we share and that is very close to my heart…. With lots of love, wishing you Happy Friendship Day.

228. Friendship Day is happy because you are there with me each and every day, each and every moment to love me and support me….. Wishing you Happy Friendship Day my love.

229. Lovers who are friends make the most stunning combination in the world…. Cheers to our bond of friendship which is loaded with love for each other…. Happy Friendship Day.

230. When I found you, I did not just find a lover, I also found my best friend who understands me the best in this world…. To the love of my life, Happy Friendship Day.

231. There is no one happier than me because I have found my love and my friend in one person who makes this world a better place for me…. Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day.

232. I am blessed to have a friend like you. I feel so protected when you are there around me. Love you forever, dear friend.

233. You are a friend who is loving, caring, and faithful. I am really proud to have you as my friend. May our friendship grow stronger every day.

234. In you, I have found my perfect friend. Nobody can replace you, my dear friend. I really value our friendship the most in my life.

235. Dearest friend, I am grateful to have met a person like you. You were always there for me whenever I needed you. I really love you, my dear friend.

236. Our friendship bond is one of the most important relationships for me. You know me so well and that is I really love you. I hope your presence always exists in my life.


237. I don’t remember how we happened to meet each other.
I don’t remember who got along with whom first.
All I can remember is all of us together…always.”
Happy friendship Day 2019!

238. “Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.”
Happy Friendship Day 2019

239. A friend is someone who reaches out for your hand…and touches your heart.”
happy friendship day 2019

240. “Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty.”

241. For my sweet girlfriend, I send you all my love to make your day brighter and happier. You are a good friend and I wish our friendship grows stronger with time.”
Happy friendship day 2019 with love!



242. “Your love has filled my life with much happier moments of celebrating together. My friendship with you grew with time and turned into this sweet love relationship we cherish together.”
happy friendship day 2019 with love!

243. A Good Friendship Stands The Test Of Time.
It Is Unbreakable In Spite Of The Seasons That Life Presents.
My Friend And Am So Glad To Have You.
Happy friendship day 2019!

Friendship day quotes for girlfriend

Friendship day quotes for girlfriend

244. You are the best combination…. A girlfriend and also a friend…. Be sure that I will always be yours because you are also my secret box…. Happy Friendship Day love.”

245. “I will always be double protective of you because you are not just my beloved but also my friend and I cannot afford to share you with anyone else… Wishing you Happy Friendship Day.”

246. “I love you…. I trust you…. And I will never let you go…. These are the three things that define my love and my friendship with you…. Happy Friendship Day to the love of my life.”

247. “My love, I send my love and wishes for good in your life. Our friendship has become one of the best relationships which we treasure and cherish together.”



248. “Your friendship values have made our relationship much stronger and having you, my ex-girlfriend as my good friend has brightened up my life.”

249. “Dear sweet ex-girlfriend, you have been a great friend who stood by me at all times be it good times or bad times. I am very fortunate to have such a best beautiful person like you as my friend.”

250. “Dear cute girlfriend, your love has made my life much beautiful than before. We started as good friends the moment we met and with time developed our relationship into this beautiful bonding called love. I am very happy to have you in my life.”

251. “To my ex-girlfriend, I send love to you and am happy to have you as my best friend dear. You are a very good friend.”

252. You will find your self inside if you open up my heart. I kept you in my heart because good and true friends are very much hard to find. Happy friendship day to you.

253. If I compare you with the chocolate, you are the sweetest… If I compare you with the teddy bear, I will love to hug you more than anyone else… If I compare you with the star, you are the brightest of all the stars in the sky… And as you are my LOVE, you are the best.

254. If I compare you with the chocolate, you are the sweetest… If I compare you with the teddy bear, I will love to hug you more than anyone else… If I compare you with the star, you are the brightest of all the stars in the sky… And as you are my love, you are the best.

255. Sometimes I forget to say Hello to you… Sometimes I forget to reply to you… Sometimes I do not contact you. But remember one thing that I will never forget you no matter what happens. I will always be your love and I want you to be the same. Happy friendship day.