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Happy Muharram Wishes 2021: 103 Best Quotes, Images, Status, Videos!

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Muharram Quotation

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” The day of Ashura is that the day of memory end of truth over falsehood, fasting, sorrow, and doing wise deeds.”

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“What has he found who has lost God? And what has he lost who has found God?” ― Ibn 'Ata' Allah Al-Iskandari Click To Tweet
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Indeed, the amount of months with God is twelve [lunar] months among the register of God [from] the day He created the heavens and conjointly the earth; of those, four-unit sacred. ” Happy Muharram 2020

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“The mortal of God (peace and blessings of God be upon him) said: ‘The higher of abstinence once Ramadhan is abstinence Allah’s month of Islamic calendar month.” (Sahih Muslim) Click To Tweet
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“There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” Muharram Mubarak

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“May Allah Ta’ala bless your life with happiness in the Islamic New Year Click To Tweet
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