51 Top Engineers Day Quotes, Images, Wishes, Funny !

Engineers Day Quotes Funny

Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems. – Scott Adams Click To Tweet
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“Thanks for bringing more comfort into our lives and making us kind of lazy. Happy Engineers Day.”

Happy Engineers Day Funny Quotes

“Three cheers for engineers who have made this world a better place to live. Happy Engineers Day.”

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“Sometimes I feel that engineers are born with a different kind of brains. Happy Engineers Day.”

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If you throw a stone at a busy road in India, it will either hit a dog or an engineer. Jokes apart, wishing you Happy Engineers’ Day.

Engineers Day Special Quotes

We are Cheaters, but we don’t cheat Humanity! We hate Study, but we love Technology! We flirt with flirters, but we are lovers!! Happy Engineers Day 2020

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Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know- future projects decide what we will learn. Click To Tweet

Father: I have 4 sons, 1st son is a Mechanical Engineer, 2nd son is Civil Engineer, 3rd son is Chemical Engineer and 4th son is Thief.

Neighbour: Why don’t you throw your 4th son out of the house?

Father: He is the only one EARNING in the house, rest are jobless!!!

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A beauty of Engineers: A first bench student knows the answer to the entire problem but only the last bench student has the power to face every problem..!

Centuries ago people who sacrificed their sleep, food, laughter & other joys of life were called “SAINTS” Now they are called ENGINEERS.