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Engineers Day Wishes Quotes

“Mental energy is wasted in caste disputes and village factions.”

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“It is better to work out than rust out.”

“Self-examination not moral or spiritual, but secular – that is, a survey and analysis of local conditions in India and a comparative study of the same with those in other parts of the globe.”

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“Remember, your work may be only to sweep a railway crossing, but it is your duty to keep it so clean that no other crossing in the world is as clean as yours.”

“If you feel that by giving this title, I will praise your government, you will be disappointed. I am a fact-finding man.”

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An engineer is someone who is good with figures, but doesn’t have the personality of an accountant. Click To Tweet
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“As engineers, we are going to be in a position to change the world- not just study it”- Henry Petroski, American engineer, and author

“This job is a great scientific adventure. But it’s also a great human adventure”- Fabiola Gianotti, Higgs Boson physicist

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“Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world”- Isaac Asimov, American writer, professor of biochemistry

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The engineer has been, and is, a maker of history”- James Kip Finch, American engineer and educator

“The ideal engineer is a composite…He is not a scientist, he is not a mathematician, he is not a sociologist or a writer; but he may use the knowledge and techniques of any or all of these disciplines in solving engineering problems”- Nathan W. Dougherty, American civil engineer

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“The way to succeed is to double your failure”- Thomas J. Watson, Pioneer in the field of computing equipment for IBM

At its heart, engineering is about using science to find creative, practical solutions. It is a noble profession.
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Getting 40 marks out of 100 is a great achievement for me.

My xerox bills are higher than my mobile bill.

Yes…. I am an Engineering student.

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Scientists dream about doing great things.

Engineers do them.

Happy Engineer’s Day!