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123 Powerful Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Love, Shiva, etc!


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Sadhguru Quotes on Relationship

“Love is not what you do. Love is the way you are.”

“Every action that we do is in some way to fulfill certain needs. If you see this, there is a possibility that you can grow into love as your natural quality.”

“You’re not using your intelligence to reach the peak of your consciousness, to become peaceful and loving. You’re using your intelligence to drive yourself crazy. When you have that, you dream of this, and when you have this, you dream of that. Maybe you call it romantic, but it’s just plain stupidity. It destroys life.”

“Love is not a joy; it is a deep, wonderful pain. Everything within you should tear. Only then will you know what love is.”

“People are trying to love. People are trying to be good. But, if you look at yourself, if I happen to meet you when you are very happy and joyful, I’m sure you are a very loving, generous, wonderful human being. This is true with every human being.”

“If you are forming relationships to seek happiness – you trying to squeeze happiness out of someone and that person trying to squeeze happiness out of you – this is going to be a painful relationship after some time.”

“One who is concerned about the possibility of his own suffering can never know true love and compassion. Only when you are no longer concerned about yourself can you truly love.”

“Someone says something nasty to you because something nasty is happening within them. They need your love, compassion, or distance. Do not let the spiral of nastiness suck you in.”

“Humanity is at a crossroads. Something fundamental is shifting in the very way human beings are. Things that have given hope to humanity are crumbling and falling apart.”

“In everyone, there are some positive things and some negative things. If you embrace all this in your understanding, you can make the relationship the way you want it.”

“A Guru creates his personality in such a way that people don’t know whether to love it or to hate it…this is not a human being. Either he is a devil or he must be Divine.”

“If you can look at everything lovingly, the whole world becomes beautiful in your experience. You realize love is not something that you do; love is the way you are.”

“Love has nothing to do with someone else. It is all about you. It is a way of being. It essentially means you have brought sweetness into your emotion.”

“Your understanding of love has to evolve. You always think love means to hold. No. Love means to liberate and push forth.”

” Too many people are hungry not because there is a dearth of food. It is because there is a dearth of love and care in human hearts.”

“Marriage means weaving two lives into one. Thinking, feeling, and living beyond yourself can be a stepping stone to Ultimate Union.”

“Maybe when you are angry then you cannot be loving, you can’t suddenly turn your anger into love, but the anger itself can be directed.”

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