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123 Powerful Sadhguru Quotes on Life, Love, Shiva, etc!


Let us learn something special from the man with huge devotees across the globe with these 123 Wonderful Sadhguru Quotes, that can help you to enhance your life, love, relationship, friendship and will help you gain the Ultimate Success.

Sadhguru Quotes


Sadhguru Quotes on Life

Don’t be dead serious about your life – it’s just a play.

If you choose, you can be joyful every moment of your life. It’s time you made your choice.

Your thoughts and emotions may keep you fully engaged right now, but they are just small offshoots of life – they are not life itself.

The unfortunate reality is that most people will know peace only with death – “Rest in Peace.” It is time we do something about it in life.

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Once your life is an expression of your blissfulness, you will not be in conflict with anyone.

If you are willing to strive, there is a way to go beyond all the limitations that are considered human.

If Human beings experience Life beyond one’s physical nature, the need for conquest, conflict, and violence shall not exist.

Wherever you are, whatever you are exposed to, pick up the best from every situation. Let not life’s experience go waste.

Wanting to win, being willing to lose if need be, handling your victory and failure gracefully, is what sport inculcates in a human being. And that is the essence of leadership…

Whoever you meet, speak to them like it is the last time you may have that opportunity. It will transform your life.

If someone else thinks you are smart, it is okay. It is their opinion. If you think you are smart, it means you are stupid.

Sadhguru Quotes about Life

Karma means your life is your making. Karmic accumulation can either be a Boost or Burden – that is your choice.

Devotion is a dimension that will allow you to sail across even if you do not know the way.

Nature has given you a sense of individuality. But life does not happen as an individual. Life is happening as one whole.

There is no use in life. We value life for its beauty, exuberance, profoundness, and intensity, not for its usefulness.

It is all right if the world thinks you are weird. Everyone is different, so everyone is weird in someone’s eyes. Happily weird or miserably weird – your choice.

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