No Smoking Day 2021: History, Date & Tips

No Smoking Day: This occasion is celebrated internationally on every second Wednesday of March every year. The main intention of this day is to raise awareness and to educate people to quit smoking. Let us dive deep and know more about this day.

No Smoking Day: History

No smoking day movement was first observed on the day of Ash Wednesday in 1984 in the UK or the United Kingdom and from there it was recognized as a yearly celebration to save people from the hazardous effects of smoking. This day aims to help people leave smoking for their whole life.

According to various studies, this movement is very fruitful because at least one out of the ten people give up smoking on this day.

No Smoking Day: Celebrations


People all around the globe are encouraged to quit smoking and thus this day gives them a chance to do so.

This auspicious day is also recognized by people who worry about their loved ones & by offering some helpful resources to the smoke addicts they celebrate this day.

Several health groups organize several sessions to provide awareness and discourage smoking. Many of these organizations help the smoke addicts by sending them motivating quotes through Whatsapp or SMS.

This day is also celebrated by various health insurance companies that conduct various health awareness programs.

You can also celebrate this day by sending a motivating quote to your loved ones or by sharing this article to encourage them to quite smoke.

How you can participate as a smoker?

If you want to quit smoking and want a way to leave it then you are heartily welcomed to join the m- cessation program of the Ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW).

You can also participate in the awareness program by giving your phone number and email ID through this government website.

Health Hazards of Smoking


Smoking gradually reduces the health of a smoker and affects nearly every organ of the body. Here are some harmful effects of smoking:-

  1. Smoking causes coronary heart disease and strokes. People who smoke less than 5 cigarettes a day can have signs of cardiovascular disease.
  2. Smoking causes blockages and decreases the blood flow to your skin and legs. It also thickens the blood vessels making them narrower and thus causes high blood pressure.
  3. You can have a lung disease like COPD which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema and you are prone to lung cancer.
  4. Smoking also devastate the health of your bone
  5. It also causes type 2 diabetes mellitus which is difficult to control

Smoking also causes various types of diseases which makes the list like never-ending!

Tips to quit smoking

  1. Do not smoke at all
  2. Clean up your house, don’t leave a single thing that reminds you of smoking
  3. Leave the group of individuals who are smoking. 
  4. Consider eating Nicotine gums, lozenges, and patches to curb the urge of smoking 
  5. Share your progress with your loved ones and they can help you to stay motivated to quit smoking
  6. Avoid Alcohol and other triggers
  7. Eat more fruits and veggies 
  8. Try to think about how much money you can save for your family. Reward yourself by spending some part of it on some fun.

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Celebrate this day and help people around you who are smoking and promise yourself that you will not smoke in your whole life.

Also, share this article with your friends or anyone you think needs encouragement to quite smoke.

Your one share might save someone’s life!