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39 Top Collection of Ashura Quotes 2020


Ashura Quotes from Quran

“Ashura is the day in which truth prevailed over falsehood. Prophet Musa, (Peace Be Upon Him) crossed the sea while Pharaoh drowned. The truth will always prevail.” Click To Tweet

“May Allah accept the deeds of those fasting on the blessed day of Ashura and may Allah give another chance to those who couldn’t.” – Sheik Shibli

“The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: ‘The best of fasting after Ramadhan is fasting Allah’s month of Muharram.”

“Let us follow the light of Allah to follow the right path in life…. Let us always have faith in the messenger of Allah….. Warm wishes on Ashura to you and your family.”

“Today’s sunset is the last one in this Islamic year and on the occasion of Muharram, I pray that all your worries end in this coming year…. Muharram Mubarak to you.” Click To Tweet

“Celebration of Muharram is the celebration of peace…. Sending warm greetings on Muharram to you and your loved ones.”

“On the occasion of Muharram, I am sending my warm wishes for you and your family to have a day to remember and mourn what happened on this day.”

“Muharram is the occasion to keep aside all your problems and offer yourself in the service and devotion of Allah….. Wishing a very Happy Muharram to you.”

Ashura Day Quotes

" Warm greetings on Muharram to you and your dear ones…. Today is the day to mourn and to offer prayers to Allah.” Click To Tweet

“The day of Ashura is the day of remembering victory of truth over falsehood, fasting, repentance, and doing good deeds.”

“Indeed, the number of months with Allah is twelve [lunar] months in the register of Allah [from] the day He created the heavens and the earth; of these, four are sacred.. ” (Surah At-Tawbah, Verse 36)

“Whoever seeks the satisfaction of people through disobedience of God; Then God subjects him to people”

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“To me , death is nothing but happiness, and living under tyrants nothing but living in a hell” Click To Tweet

”Beware that the need of people to you is among the blessings of God to you. So do not scare away the needy people when they come to you, as God’s blessings will return and go elsewhere. ”

”One who reveals your faults to you like a mirror is your true friend, and one who flatters you and covers up your faults is your enemy. ” 

“Jab bhi kabhi zameer ka soda ho
Dat jao tum Hussain ke inkar ki tarah”
“Ehsas karbala tujhe bhi ho jaye ga aik din
Tanha kisi apne ki maiyat utha kar to daikh”
“Bhool jain ge har gham, gham tera na bhoolain ge
Karbala na bhoolain ge ba Khuda na bhoolain ge”
“Tareekh aesi misal koi dhoond kar laye
Sir tan se ho juda per maut na aaye”
“Dil main ghame Hussain hai, seena hai karbala
Behta hai meri aankh se pani furat ka”

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